Billing, Insurance and Payment for Services

Buffalo Medical Group patients are ultimately responsible for the payment of their medical bills. Our Central Business Office staff will be glad to work with you regarding your medical bill.

Some insurance companies pay the total amount of the bill, while others pay less. Some insurance companies also require deductibles or pay percentages. You are responsible for the deductible, payment of the bill, or the balance of the bill after the insurance company has made payment.

If your insurance requires a co-payment, the co-payment is due at the time of your visit. If your insurance requires pre-authorization for certain procedures or hospital admissions, you should inform your physician's office. This will enable you to secure the necessary pre-authorization and avoid possible delays in receiving the care you require.

Some insurance companies require referrals when patients seek care from a doctor other than their primary care physician. All patients are responsible for obtaining referrals. If a referral is not available at the time of service, the patient will be required to sign a waiver before services are rendered. However, we encourage you to contact your primary care physician's office before the appointment to obtain a referral so that you will not be responsible for paying the entire bill. Please call for referrals during regular business hours. When you call, it will be important to have the date of the visit, the correct spelling of the specialist's first and last names, and the reason you are seeing the doctor. This will help to ensure accuracy when your primary care physician's office creates your referral. It is important for you to know that it is the policy of the Primary Care Division not to back date referrals.

Buffalo Medical Group requires payment at the time of service. If BMG participates in your health plan, applicable co-payments will be collected at the time of registration.

Patient Financial Policy

Plan Participation

Please contact our Central Business Office, 716.630.2600, to ensure your BMG Physician is a participating provider in any plan changes when offered a choice during open enrollment by your broker or employer. Any change to an out-of-network (non-participating) plan may create more out-of-pocket costs for yourself or the need to find care elsewhere for some out-of-network plans.

Buffalo Medical Group Non-Participating Insurance/Self Pay Disclosure

2017 BMG Insurance Participation Information

Resolving Payment Problems

If you have a problem paying a bill, or fall behind with payments, please call our Credit Department immediately at 630-2650, so we may assist you in resolving the matter. Payment plans are available for those who qualify.