Mammography at BMG

Our breast specialists extend compassionate care to evaluate and diagnose a complete range of breast conditions and breast cancers. Every day, we partner with women of all ages to provide answers and solutions for optimal breast health.
Our experienced radiologists and technologists offer a personalized service and provide the latest technology for mammograms, breast ultrasounds, and MRI to guide your care and treatment.

Schedule a screening mammogram

A screening mammogram is an X-ray examination of the breast in a woman who has no breast cancer symptoms. The goal of a screening mammogram is to find breast cancer when it is still too small for you or your doctor to be able to feel it.

A screening mammogram usually takes two X-rays of each breast. For some patients, more pictures may be needed to include as much breast tissue as possible. Screening mammograms can drastically improve a woman’s chance for successful treatment by finding small cancers early.

Diagnostic Mammogram

A diagnostic mammogram is an x-ray examination of the breast for symptoms or if an abnormality is discovered during a screening mammogram requiring further evaluation. Additional images are taken during a diagnostic mammogram to allow the doctor to study the breast tissue carefully; an ultrasound may also be necessary at the time of the visit.
Some Diagnostic indications include:
• Breast pain
• Nipple discharge
• Breast lump
• Skin dimpling
• Nipple retraction
• Previous history of breast cancer or previous abnormal mammogram

Diagnostic mammograms could reveal that everything is fine and the patient will not need to return for 1 year, the radiologist may ask the patient to return in 6 months if they would like to watch an area not likely to be cancer, or if the radiologist decides the finding is suspicious a biopsy will be recommended. About 75% percent of all findings that are biopsied are found to be benign (non-cancerous) when evaluated under the microscope.

3D Mammograms Provide Ease of Mind

Breast tomosynthesis, known as 3D mammography, is the latest breakthrough in breast health care and breast cancer detection. This most recent advancement in breast examination technology is available at two Buffalo Medical Group locations; 295 Essjay Road, in Williamsville and 3900 N. Buffalo Road, in Orchard Park

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