Tiffany Hoffmann, D.O.

Primary Care

Why did you decide to go into medicine?

My mom was in the medical field so I grew up around it. I went on a medical missions trip in high school. On that trip is when I knew I wanted to become a physician and help/ care for people in that way. Why I chose Family Medicine as my specialty: It encompasses a little of everything while still having that rapport with my patients.

Favorite/most memorable patient moment

When I was on a medical missions trip, one little boy was waiting in line to see the dentist. He was terrified, crying, trying to run away. I noticed him and went over to him and gave him a big hug. Even though we did not speak the same language, he knew I was there to protect him, and he trusted me. He got through the exam while holding my hand and gave me a big hug and smile afterwards. This was the moment I knew I wanted to be in the medical field. I want that rapport with my patients, where we trust each other and figure it out together.

When I’m not working, you can find me…

Outside - hiking, camping, kayaking or traveling. I’m always ready for the next adventure!

Member of BMG Since:



Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine – Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine – (LECOM)


University of Buffalo – Sister’s Hospital Family Medicine Residency

Professional Memberships:

American Academy of Family Physicians
International Medical Society
Christian Medical and Dental Association



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