Pharmacy Services

Coordinating your Care

At Buffalo Medical Group, we strive to provide our patients with comprehensive and coordinated care, and our Pharmacy Services are one more way we work to accomplish this. The Pharmacy department is comprised of clinical pharmacists who specialize in collaborating with your physicians to achieve better partnerships with you, cost effective therapy, and improve overall health outcomes.

We work with you and your provider to optimize your medication treatment plan. We also oversee all of your medications to ensure there are no conflicts or negative or harmful reactions – from any provider, inside or outside the group.

Services we Offer:

Cost Consultations:

If you are having trouble affording your medications, or have been prescribed expensive medications, we help you find cost-effective solutions. We work directly with you and your provider to ensure alternative medications are recommended by your physician, to make your care more affordable.

Hypertension Consultations:

If you’re suffering from Hypertension, we help to educate you on your condition and medications, and assist your physician in choosing optimal therapy combinations and discuss lifestyle modifications.

Diabetes Consultations:

With our Diabetes Consultations, our goal is to educate you on your condition and medications, including teaching you how to use any diabetes related devices, such as insulin pumps or blood sugar monitoring devices, and discuss lifestyle modifications. In partnership with your providers, we assist in choosing optimal therapy combinations, managing insulin therapy, and dietary recommendations.

Heart Failure Consultations:

We provide education about the disease process, dietary recommendations, and medications. We also design a plan in conjunction with your provider to manage exacerbations and decrease the risk of hospitalization.

Please note our pharmacy services are primarily used to assist patients with their medication treatment plan, oversee all medications and prevent negative reactions, and work on a consultative basis with you and your physicians to help you achieve an optimal care plan. You are not able to fill or refill prescriptions with us. We apologize for any inconvenience.