How Leo got his Life Back after Psoriasis

By Buffalo Medical Group | May 29 2018 | Patient Testimonials

In his mid-sixties, Leo had never experienced any skin issues in his life, especially not psoriasis. It was never a concern that crossed his mind, but unfortunately, became a severe issue he was faced with.

A complicated situation at work brought on, a high-level of stress for Leo and slowly, it began taking a toll on his physical health. Leo had developed stress plaque psoriasis, which is a condition where the skin cells build up, forming scales, and dry, itchy patches. It seemed almost instantly, his life had changed. He began staying home more, never wore short sleeves or shorts – even in the summer when it was hot outside.

This continued for nearly four years. Over this time period, his psoriasis became severe, so severe that he moved out of his own home, where he lived with his daughter and young granddaughter because his skin was flaking off throughout his house.

“I couldn’t have my granddaughter crawling through my skin. No matter what clothes I wore, or how much I tried to clean, it flaked off constantly.” Leo knew at this moment he had to take control, and get help.

Leo was referred to Dr. Robert Kalb, BMG Dermatologist, to help treat his severe plaque psoriasis, which is a specialty area of Dr. Kalb. Leo was started on an initial medication, but saw no improvements. It made him feel extremely lethargic, and didn’t help his psoriasis. At his first follow-up visit, he felt very discouraged, but Dr. Kalb, and his physician assistant, Cheryl Davis, reassured him, and asked him not to give up hope – they were going to figure this out.

Dr. Kalb added Leo to his psoriasis clinical trial, which consists of an injection that was needs to be received every three months. Leo said he saw results almost immediately.

“After my first injection, I came back for a follow-up about a week later. I gave Cheryl [Davis] a hug because I was so happy.”

Leo said he experienced no negative side effects of the injection medication and appointments were easy to schedule.

Today, Leo’s psoriasis is over 90% cleared up, and has plans to move back home with his daughter and granddaughter next month.

“The care I received at Buffalo Medical Group wasn’t good – it was excellent. They changed my life back to where it was. This was a miracle.”

If you suffer from moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, and are interested in joining Dr. Kalb’s clinical trial, please call 716.630.1261 for more information.