Patient Testimonials

How Leo got his Life Back after Psoriasis

By Buffalo Medical Group | May 29 2018 | Patient Testimonials

In his mid-sixties, Leo had never experienced any skin issues in his life, especially not psoriasis. It was never a concern that crossed his mind, but unfortunately, became a severe issue he was faced with.

A complicated situation at work brought on, a high-level of stress for Leo and slowly, it began taking a toll on his physical health. Leo had developed stress plaque psoriasis, which is a condition where the skin cells build up, forming scales, and dry, itchy patches. It seemed almost instantly, his life had changed. He began staying home more, never wore short sleeves or shorts – even in the summer when it was hot outside.

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Taking Diabetic Foot Care Seriously – Lisa’s Story

By Buffalo Medical Group | April 20 2018 | Patient Testimonials

As a diabetic patient, foot care becomes an extremely important part of your health care. According to the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, diabetes can have extremely dangerous effects to your feet. Minor cuts and wounds can cause severe infections that may even lead to amputation if not cared for quickly and properly.

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Treating People Well by Giving Back – Catherine’s Story

By Buffalo Medical Group | April 2 2018 | Patient Testimonials

April marks Donate Life month – a month dedicated to encouraging people to register as organ, eye and tissue donors and to celebrate those that have saved lives through the gift of donation. This month, we’re celebrating Catherine Dobson, Application Specialist at Buffalo Medical Group, and sharing her story in hopes that her donation efforts will inspire others.

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Patient Success Story: James – Managing his Diabetes

By Buffalo Medical Group | November 8 2017 | Patient Testimonials

James began working with our Dietician – Catherine Ayres, MS, RD, CDN—in spring 2017, after being referred for diabetes nutrition counseling. This was James’ first nutrition education session since being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes 10 years ago.

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