Should you need hospital care, our Hospitalist Service ensures you receive care that’s coordinated with your primary care physician at BMG. Our highly trained hospital-based team of doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners provides around-the-clock care that works to get you well.

A key component of our affiliations with Catholic Health and Kaleida Health is 24/7 inpatient medical care provided by the BMG Hospitalist Division at Sisters of Charity Hospital, Mercy Hospital of Buffalo, Millard  Fillmore Suburban Hospital, and Buffalo General Medical Center.

Helping hospitalized patients cope with the complexities of today’s health care system.

The BMG hospitalist team consists of full-time board-certified physicians, and Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) who have the training, expertise and experience to deliver timely, comprehensive care that helps patients and their families navigate the complex healthcare system and receive the best possible care during their hospital stay. 

How BMG’s Hospitalist Service Works

Your BMG Primary Care Physician (PCP) will either directly arrange for an inpatient admission or observational stay in one of our affiliated hospitals, or in more urgent situation arrange for care by working in concert with the Emergency Department and our on site/on call Hospitalist. Once admitted, our Hospitalist team generally assumes the overall care duties, or in some cases maintains a close consultative role with an admitting specialist or surgeon. Throughout the hospitalization, the team maintains close contact with the patient’s PCP to keep him or her informed of the patient’s status.

Once the patient is ready for discharge, pertinent records from the inpatient stay are automatically transmitted to the referring doctor, followed by personal communication with the physician(s) who will provide the ongoing outpatient care. This ensures seamless, coordinated care during and after each patient’s hospital stay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I under the care of a Hospitalist and not my own community doctor?

Hospitalists in the U.S. have been seeing inpatients on behalf of referring PCPs since the early 1990s. Your PCP has likely chosen this arrangement for your benefit, and theirs. Most often, given the expertise needed to manage inpatients, along with the ever-increasing demands of an office-based practitioner, most PCPs these days choose to focus their practice exclusively on outpatient care, and refer hospitalized patients to Hospitalists. Rest assured, our care team here aims to work with your outpatient team of doctors – not replace them.

When does someone else from your care team come to see me?

Our care begins when we are called by your PCP or by the Emergency Department (ED). During this discussion, we initiate the process of fully understanding the individual details of your case. Shortly thereafter, one of our physicians or Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) will meet you at your bedside in the ED or your assigned room. We’ll continue to see you several times throughout each subsequent day and night until you are ultimately released, in order to ensure high-quality and conscientious care.

What is an “Advanced Practice Provider” (APP)?

BMG employs two types of APPs: Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and Physician Assistants (PAs). Both NPs and PAs are nationally certified and state licensed to provide you with diagnostic, treatment and follow-up care in concert with our BMG physicians. You may spend some or all of your time with an APP assigned to your care. He or she will ask you about your medical history and current symptoms, as well as conduct a physical exam. Your APP may place orders in your chart as part of your treatment plan. Your BMG care team – both physician and APP – will formulate your ongoing treatment and plan together. By working alongside our physicians for your well-being, APPs play a crucial supporting role in your overall care.

What if my family and I have questions after your team sees us on “rounds?”

Our team’s workflow is a bit different than the traditional “morning rounds.” Since our providers are only hospital based (i.e. no office hours), we may see you mornings, afternoons, or evenings – and sometimes all three! If you or your family ever needs to see us, regardless of time of day, we are readily available. Simply ask your nurse to contact us, or call us directly at 716.630.1000 and ask for the Hospitalist of the Hospital in which the hospitalized individual is staying.

How will you ensure close communication with my doctors outside of the Hospital? How will they know what happened to me under your care?

Our communication with your outpatient care team begins at the time of our first contact with your PCP or the ER. Once your hospital care is underway, we will call, fax, or email at various times during your stay, especially if there is a major change in your condition.

Will I see your team after discharge or hear from you again?

When you are discharged from the hospital, we send detailed records to your outpatient providers that summarize your hospitalization and outline our recommended next steps in care, including medications and follow-up appointments. We do this to ensure that the transition of care from our service is as smooth as possible. Your hospital discharge signals the end of our day-to-day visits with you and your family. From here, we will follow up with you by phone within a few days after discharge. If you need to reach us before then, please don’t hesitate to call.

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